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Brinda C. [Mauritius]

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she challenges the status quo; when she consciously or unconsciously leaves behind her comfort zone and chooses to grow. It isn’t an easy journey by any means. Every time I hit bottom, Bernard showed up as a friend, and lately as my photo-therapist. The day of the photoshoot, Bernard helped me ease into the process of letting go of insecurities. Not only did I have a fun and memorable experience, but I could never fathom seeing myself from such lenses. Bernard managed to bare my soul through his work, and these photos are now a reminder to me, everyday, of the woman I transitioned into. Thank you for this life changing experience Bernard. It’s not only your technical skills that do the magic, but your empathy, your understanding and your ability to surface buried emotions as well. I can’t wait for our next session.

Nooreen L. [Mauritius]

Photoshoot you say? I would call it a photo therapy and this experience changed the way I look- both physically and mentally. I was at a stage in my life whereby my work, my relationship with my boyfriend, family, my health status had cultivated in me self-doubt as i was facing failures. God then brought me at a turning point whereby I met Bernard through my dear cousin. They would always see in me endless possibility, energy to achieve what i wanted which i was so stubborn to see. Bernard came with an offer whereby i kept thinking if i could pull it off: a photoshoot. I accepted and I hardly realised at that time, how being under his guidance during the photoshoot session would reveal in me, strength, courage and fearlessness to face any situation lying ahead. How did I forget about my needs and why would i always be seeking for reassurance from my surroundings when i had it all in me?!! During this one day shoot, i opened myself to him and he never judged me once but rather talked me through by reassuring me, cracking up jokes, laughing, feeling alive, literally i forgot about time- it was just me for once with myself which was something, no-one ever took the time to do for me. Bernard of course made all the difference, and brought so much more in my life than just beautiful pictures; in his shots,I  saw a beautiful woman who had a fearless stare and who has since then made herself a priority and never doubted her decisions again. I am grateful for all the waves of emotions that came along, it's an experience I will always cherish. I have learnt from this day to be more understanding, patient towards others, to cultivate more love in me, to adopt more self-care routines (as much as i can), and most importantly, to be kind to myself. It makes a whole difference when you become conscious of your needs. Thank you Bernard. God bless you always.

Varsha N. - Life Coach [Mauritius]

BernarT partnered with me during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in sharing his beautiful images to reinforce messages of self-care, empowerment and hope. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I have scars on my body from the battles fought. In a world obsessed with perfection coupled with my own limiting beliefs about perfection, I’ve walked a long journey towards embracing my body, scars and all. Now I know that my body tells a story of struggle, survival, hope, faith and transformation. Bernard looks at you and he recognises your spirit, he sees the imperfectly beautiful you and reflects this through his pictures. He understood that I’m both strong and vulnerable, both warrior and worshipper. Bernard captured who I am and made me feel comfortable and safe to show up as my authentic self. Someone once told me that a photo-shoot is like therapy, you reveal all your imperfections and learn to love yourself more. As a coach, my purpose is to help others connect to their light and craft a courageous life. I’m delighted to have found a kindred spirit in Bernard, someone whose pictures reveal that part of you that is whole, hopeful and beautiful. Thank you Bernard for helping me see my own brilliant light.

Laura M. [Mauritius]

Depuis que j'ai 15 ans, je fais des shootings photo avec divers photographes. Passionnée par la cosmétique en général, j'ai pris conscience que j'adore être devant la caméra. C'est pour moi une façon particulière d'arriver à lâcher prise. Ayant travaillé pour la première fois avec Bernard il y a maintenant 3 ans, j’ai découvert un nouveau monde de la photographie ; cette dernière séance photo a été pour moi la plus difficile mais également la meilleure que j'ai jamais eu l'occasion de réaliser. Bernard a su me mettre en confiance afin de pouvoir me mettre à l'aise et de laisser ressortir ma confiance en moi et surtout l'acceptation de mon corps que j'avais perdues depuis un certain temps. Aujourd'hui après cette séance et surtout en regardant mes magnifiques photos je peux affirmer que je me sens enfin Femme et que j'aime mon corps tel qu’il est. Merci à toi Bernard pour cette expérience que je renouvellerai sans hésitation !

Patrick B. [Mauritius]

Thank you for your time; it was a pleasure for us working with you. We’ll get back if anything is needed again. Stay safe.

Nathalie A. [Mauritius]

Shooting dreams turn real !!!

Thank you for the wonderful change and evolution you brought into my womanly life and for the memorable birthday gift . You are a treasure to humanity and a deep soul catcher. Through your meticulous, precise, clear, concise and respectful instructions, sustained and protective guidance, undoubtful skills and perfection, I rediscovered my femininity with pleasure, in a valued, sensual, liberated and lovingly manner until the flourishing beauty within me blooms. I wish you all the best in your soul catcher ventures. With all my appreciation.

James A. [Ghana]

Bernard was very calm and observant on set, he took his time to get good angles and background. I personally felt so relaxed cause he clearly knew what he was doing.... The communication too was PERFECT. I would really love to work with him on different occasions.

Enyonam F. A. [Ghana]

I worked with Bernard when he came to Ghana. He's very professional, on time and makes good use of the props on set. He also works on the photographs and sends them as quickly as he can.

Bernard is very professional and has great work ethics.

J & J [Mauritius]

You are really awesome Bernard!! :) Thanks for saving our day!! We got in touch on the eve of our wedding. And the next day you were punctual. And we immediately got along.You put everyone at ease. The day went really smoothly. The photos are EXCELLENT!!! (am a photographer too) We love the photos :) My parents too ;) I recommend him for your events. You won't regret.

Mary-Jane J. [Ile Maurice]

C'est une merveilleuse expérience de poser pour toi Bernard. Tu mets à l'aise le modèle et l'initie parfaitement si c'est sa première fois devant une caméra! Merci :)

Kim B. [USA]

Bernard was a lifesaver! My photographer cancelled 5 days before my son's 5th birthday party. I contacted Bernard on Friday and amazingly he was available. He confirmed right away and found our house easily. He showed up early! I am so happy to have great photos to share with the grandparents overseas and for myself. It made the whole day much easier and more fun! Bernard delivered the photos the next day, to my house. I highly recommend him for events and portraits.

Lysiane K-B. [Mauritius]

Le seul photographe qui arrive à me faire apprécier une session de photographie. Je me prends au jeu à chaque fois. Et le résultat est toujours bluffant.

Fahim M. [Bangladesh]

I had the pleasure of meeting Bernard on a casual shoot where he captured some moments. The photos were great and they had the most unique effect on me, I was re-living those moments when I was viewing them. Thank you very much Bernard, you have captured the life too in those clicks. Hope to see you again soon :)

Vanessa P. [France]

J'ai eu l'occasion d'être devant son objectif pour une journée très spéciale, et c'était un pur bonheur! Professionnalisme, originalité et bonne humeur au programme pour un rendu inattendu! Encore un grand merci Bern' pour ces moments magiques!!!

Patricia A. [Mauritius]

Un artiste à part. Patient, attentif, le shoot est pour lui un évènement unique qui doit coller à la personnalité du modèle. Dès le début du shoot, appréhensions et réticences sont vite envolées, car Bernard sait mettre à l'aise. A travers la photographie, il sculpte, façonne, détaille ce qui doit sauter aux yeux, comme une évidence. Succombez au rêve et admirez le magicien à l'œuvre!

Joëlle P. [Mauritius]

You are a gifted photographer and it's been great fun to do this shoot! I still laugh when I recall some funny awkward moments during the making of. Fortunately it does not show in the pictures :)

Brian S. [USA]

You are a fantastic photographer and I look forward to seeing and hearing news from your new post.